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Cheke Systems was founded in 2017; it started as a philanthropy business considering the victims of the ISIS war and the dire economic condition of amputees in the regions of Iraq.

by Ravan Mohammed

Iraq against Amputee Crisis

Iraq is a Region of War, and Amputees are always Increasing, We have approx.15,000 Amputees in KRG and 100,000 in Iraq. Source: MoH & MoL Currently, prosthetics are bought overseas; no local services are available for repairs or help with fittings, And the options available are too expensive. Amputees are excluded from being hired because of their condition and no job regulations.

We as Cheke Systems (founded in 2017) made a local and quick solution to save them this situation. We make prosthetics quick and affordable to different age groups in the whole region. our prosthetics are Lightweight (three times lighter than the global competitors), and we are also bringing the industry and investment back to our country instead of abroad with prosthetics, and they can go back to their daily routine and be able to find jobs.


Our Vision: Provide hope for amputees with the most affordable prosthesis by using state-of-the-art technology & manufacturing techniques and scanning technology.

Our Mission: Advance the prosthetic field forward both in manufacturing and control by low-cost advanced prostheses available and accessible for everyone

Over 20 hands and more than 200 fingers are made up to now, and all our products are sustainable for the environment, With collaboration with Heracles Organization, more than 65 people benefit from the Legs project, and we have got Support from USAID/TOP MOUNTAIN And GIZ to provide more upper and lower limbs to amputees in Iraq.

Phone: 07503626652

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