DadyarTech Center for Sale and Maintenance of Computers


Establishing basically a center for sale and maintenance of computers/laptops, computer accessories, building Gaming and Design PCs and other IT solutions (Hardware and Software).

by شاخه‌وان محمود

Every business should start from a specific point. We started by setting up a facebook page ( as an online computer store in January 2021. We have now more than 5000 followers and provided many laptops to our customers with affordable prices. We think that it is time to improve our business by having a physical store or a center for selling laptops/computers (especially second hand computers) and computer accessories, maintenance of computers, building PCs for gaming and design and other IT solutions. By establishing this center, as the first step, I am going to employ two fresh computer science/IT graduates, one for maintenance of computers and setting up programs and the other one for selling computers and supervising the current facebook page. We might employ more people in the future in the case of expanding the rate of sales and scope of business. We intend to locate the center in an area near Salahaddin University in Erbil, as we will have special offers for university students and lecturers for the maintenance of their computers and sale of computers. 

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