Sayara Platform


is a mobile App marketplace, designed with both buyers and sellers in mind. The app allows buyers and car-parts traders to utilize the platform to conduct the process of buying, selling and servicing cars in a safe, secure, and transparent manner.

by Harez Hama Ali




  • Specific for the (Car parts & Services)
  • It has (booking, Chatting, Rating, messaging, calling) Systems
  • Competitor’s websites & Apps are (Business directories)
  • It has an easy user-experience and attractive user interface.
  • Sayara presents parts not part of the trader's shop.
  • Sayara has mobile car services


The fund will give us these benefits




1.We enhance Sayara Application and make it more user-friendly that makes us proudly and widely advertise and promote it,

and users will use it widely which increases opportunities to generate revenue.

We have data that proves this application is a must-to-have in its industry.

2- We make a wide marketing campaign and promote the application in all major cities in KRI and Iraq,

which leads to a wide download and use of the application in return it means it leads to revenue soon.

3-It assists us to hire a qualified team to work in our company that has a colossal factor  for make  any business to successes.

without funding we cannot hire employees and the performance of our company will stay in the low level that is a fact that for great works we need a team 

(Great things can't be accomplish alone)

4-It helps us to buy some equipment’s that are necessary for our performance and fulfillment of clients demand like cameras, drones, pcs


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