Shopasar was established in 2018, it is an online market place where shoppers in Iraq can experience eCommerce just like the rest of the world and a people powered economy with person to person commerce.

by Randi Rahbar
. In Iraq people can not directly order online from world wide online stores. Despite this, there is a lack of distribution methods, online commerce and digital skills for locals. We came up with the solution A Online Market Place where anyone can shop online without a credit card, we do the shopping, shipping & delivery to their homes. Also artisans can sell their work to make money by having access to a new & larger customer reach with us being the distribution channel. An academy to learn the skills through trainings on how to open an account with us to sell online, have an e-wallet and figure out their logistics. To Share Culture of Authentic local products that provides jobs to maintain traditional craft. Shopasar is a fast and easy destination where people can pay cash on delivery or online. Displaying artsty regionwide collections from diverse talents. We are the only one focusing on an ALL-in-One platform specifically designed for artisans, vintage stores, handcrafters and handmade cultural items.

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