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Shopasar is a destination, an ecommerce customized for regions like Kurdistan and Iraq. It is an online marketplace that focuses on artisans work, local made brands and vintage items.

by Randi Rahbar
IQD 20,000,000funding goal
IQD 0raised

Shopasar is a destination, an ecommerce customized for regions like Kurdistan and Iraq. It is an online marketplace that focuses on artisans work, local made brands and vintage items. All collected in one platform where shoppers can experience local and international orders and sellers can market and showcase their items to sell as easily as possible. 

Shopasar started in February 2018 and caught the heart of its customers by providing them a platform where they could easily order anything online from abroad without worrying about payment methods, or shipping services. The idea came from the immense growth of international digital solutions that Iraq was lacking from, especially the ecommerce sector, that could open doors for other tech innovations. We recognized that there is a huge gap in the market to simplify steps for the easiest online shopping like the rest of the world. Soon in 2021, we opened a new branch within the platform to allow merchants to create their own shops and sell their items online even if they had no technical background. 
What are the competitive advantages of your business?


  1. The Shopasar marketplace is just getting started in becoming a mainstream destination for buyers who are increasingly looking for special, unique items when shopping online. 
  2. We are the only one focusing on an ALL-in-One platform specifically designed for Artisans, Vintage stores, Handcrafters and Handmade cultural items.
  3. We provide special cheaper offers and exclusive items from the sellers.
  4. Shopasar is a fast and easy destination where people can pay cash on delivery or online.
  5. Sellers can create a virtual shop and brand on the platform with the freedom to dictate their own special offering and pricing.
  6. Providing payment solutions customized for the iraqi audience on the website to pay cash or any e-payment method. 
  7. Sellers can learn the skills through training on how to open an account with us to sell online, have an e-wallet and figure out their logistics.
  8. We are sharing a culture of authentic local products that provides jobs to maintain traditional craft. 
  9. Our company boasts several important competitive advantages: unique assortment (incl. personalization, connections with sellers), network effects, socially conscious culture, and strong management team.
  10. Shopasar still only commands a fraction of its total addressable market so it has a long runway of growth ahead.


What will happen to our business with this fund? or how does this fund help our business to develop and scale up?


  1. The fund at this moment could massively impact our sales as we could upgrade our website application. 
  2. We can hold a large Marketing Campaign that could expand our reach and visibility in the Iraqi Market. This includes educational videos, pursuing shoppers to purchase on our website and create sales for our sellers.
  3. This will lead us to more trustworthy and increasing number of permanent yearly subscriptions by sellers. 
  4. We can hire two more employees to expand our sales team to subscribe as many bazaar sellers and online sellers to join our platform and a host IT person to upload all new merchant content.
  5. We could use an expert to create a Data Room for us to prepare for Venture Capital Investment and raise more funds.
  6. We would be able to evaluate our business with a large number of sales and apply for international programs of investments. 
  7. This will help us grow in revenue and target a larger scope and market. 




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