Bee Keeping

Nergsa jar honey bee business is a big project which produce honey bee in a great and healthy way and sell them with a good price and deliver it in the most and quick way for the client . place of growing the bees is a proper place for growing them because it is a village and come in a mountain and is a calm place and is far from crowd and air pollution. this place located in west part of Halabja .it called by (nergsa jar ).
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Halabja Governorate

My  goal is to make this brand famous by its good quality and healthy benefits and also its good smell and taste . name of the brand will be the same name of the village in order to make client have faith in it just by hearing  name of the brand because the name of{ nergsa jar}means a place which is rich with [narcissus}so it show the product  is natural and great product. I have plan for separate bees into two groups one part will be in ”Nergsa jar” and it is for producing honey but the other will be in another place which called by “Sharazwr” and it is for increasing the number of bees because it is a better place for them. for selling the product I will use some classical way like make agreement with merchants and also using new ways like online shopping and using website the honey will be proper for both sick people and for those who like its taste i mean  whomever. and another plan is selling another product after the first step which is called by royal jelly it have a unpleasant taste but it is so useful for some kind of sickness and it is so expensive. For this project I need amount of 12 million dinar and at the first year I will earn amount of 11 million of net profit  but for the next  years it will be so much more than privies and in this income I didn’t count the number of those bees which have been increased .

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