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Last year, about 150 million websites and social networks were attacked by cyberattack according to website and leaked informations from people and businesses, Iraq and Kurdistan region is not out of this statistic, because of this reason we as ( one secure ) staff thought to put the idea of a project to fill that space that staff Which we are made up of expert people in this field, (One secure) is a new project in Kurdistan region and Iraq that helps companies, websites, and people to be safe on the internet and to be far from hackers and those who have come to this attack we can help them by many skilled people in our staff and we have already helped many companies to protected their website like Twitter, Paypal, Yahoo,LinkedIn,Edmodo, Amazon, Zoom meeting, Airbnb, unity, ING bank, slack, Xiaomi, Ali Baba, more and all these companies rewarded and thanked us.

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