There are more than thirty thousand cabs in Kirkuk and it is a highly unregulated market so we create a solution for our community to organizing this market the solution is TAXINA APP.
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Kirkuk Governorate

TAXINA APP: its taxi app like any taxi app in the world but we customized on what our city needs

– in our city, there is no legally fare taxi meter so we try to fill this gap and produce a taximeter inside the app ( time \ distance )- we have a huge difference between kinds of cars working as a taxi ( model – kind – the year of manufacturing  ) so we separate the market into 2 types VIP service for new cars and Economy services for old and small cars- we started on the first of Jan with just three taxies and no customers

NOW we have more than 400 drivers and 1500 customer

we have a very strong and long-term plan to develop our work in the next few months

you can download our app:

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