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Health & Medicine

Bamboo Bazzar

Bamboo Bazzar is a socially responsible Store who manufacture and supply eco-friendly products such as (Bamboo Toothbrushes, zero waste toothpaste Tablets, Bamboo Straws, Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Lunchbox, Bamboo Combs) that promote sustainable living. Since our inception, our purpose has been to support, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses of all kinds to make the switch to reusable and zero waste alternatives to reduce the devastating effects that single-use plastic pollution is having on our planet.

by Aram Mahruf 2022-11-29
IQD 13,650,000.00goal
2days left


R.FRUIT aims to create as an indoor farm that is AI driven and produces healthy strawberry and constant production throughout the whole year to satisfy the local market needs, taking into consideration the sustainable development goals (SDG).

by Hussam Falih 2022-11-29
IQD 14,750,000.00goal
2days left

Creative Space

We provide services in the fields of photography and engineering, through special cameras the service of creating 3D moving images of the building or any other space the customer needs.

Our business story started with a gap in the market, we were able to become a bridge to fill that gap in the market, and our long-term goal is to become one of the largest design and engineering firms.


This business is important because it keeps up with technological advancements.

 The main component of Web-3.0, in other words, will be the needs of every field differently

by Ayman Ayub 2022-11-30
IQD 8,796,000.00goal
2days left

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