About us

Invest My Idea is a Crowdfunding Platform that connects start-up owners, mentors and investors, to raise funds for business ideas through online financial contributions.

We would be happy to see the platform as a main instrument funding small businesses and start-ups in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and provide diverse investment options to interested investors.

Crowdfunding may fill the gap between a brilliant business idea and lack of access to microfinance for newly established business ventures.

Crowdfunding investors are mostly individual investors looking to commit a small amount of money to a project, but can also be major private and public investors, funds and financial institutions.

A community will be created around the crowdfunding platform through awareness campaigns about crowdfunding as an investment option.








The platform is funded by the European Union (EU) through the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syria Crisis, ‘Madad Fund,’ under the Headway Programme’s Job Creation in KRI grant scheme and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Governorate of Erbil and Rwanga Foundation.

Register yourself and become a part of the new generation of project funding.

By using our platform you are giving community a bright future!

The platform of the project also records beneficiaries of the previous incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneurial training, and it records people who are interested in the future entrepreneurial programs. Information and data will be collected during monthly meetings with organizations that work in the entrepreneurial landscape so that best practices can be shared and collected data can be analyzed. The Start-Up Network will serve as a roadmap for future entrepreneurial programs.

Crowdfunding can reach a much more diverse audience than a non-profit’s regular audience. Online crowdfunding happens via websites (such as Rwanga’s Crowdfunding platform) that allow sponsors to post descriptions, and even pictures of their projects, to attract donations. A crowdfunded project’s online presence can be shared easily via social media platforms and links to giving portals.

Rwanga foundation ensures:

 Sustainability of the platform beyond the life span of the project funded by the above listed donors and all the required infrastructure and tools to develop and manage the platform effectively and efficiently. Responsibility to maintain and sustain the platform with its own resources and in the best possible interest of the beneficiaries. Non-for-profit nature of the platform with symbolic costs incurred by the start-ups, whereby no profit will be generated. Relevant expertise for mentoring and coaching is available. Vision that has embraced as the economic development with a focus Entrepreneurship as a main goal. Youth placing at the driving seat of today to become leaders of tomorrow. Awareness on crowdfunding by reaching out to all potential interested parties in creative and innovative way. Boost of economic growth and self-employment through entrepreneurship.